Intellectual Property and IT Law

Matters related to intellectual property are often undervalued. Yet it might hold a key importance in the business of many companies. An adequate and timely protection of intellectual property can lead to an increase in the value of the intellectual property and the whole company, and decrease risks and costs. We advise our clients in all areas related to intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, rights related to copyright, domain names, patents and utility models, industrial designs, databases and unfair competition. In order to ensure the best protection of the client’s interests and rights both in Estonia as well as in the rest of the world, we work together with patent agents when necessary.

We also have an extensive experience in information technology (IT) field. In many cases innovative and well-functioning IT and technological solutions are the main assets of the company which also give the company a competitive advantage in the market. In order to achieve the aforementioned, it is important to ensure that the solutions used are reliable and adequately secured, the rights related to the solutions were properly acquired, competitors’ access to the information related to the solutions is limited, etc.

We advise and represent clients, among other things, in the following areas:

  • providing advice about the registration and protection of intellectual property;
  • preparing and negotiating agreements related to intellectual property, including development agreements, acquisition agreements, transfer agreements, licence agreements, franchise agreements, contracts for services, confidentiality agreements, sales and marketing agreements;
  • preparing and negotiating agreements related to hardware and software, including procurement agreements, development agreements, licence agreements, hosting services agreements, maintenance agreements, outsourcing agreements and other agreements for support services;
  • conducting and organising intellectual property due diligence, including identifying whether the intellectual property is adequately and properly protected and eliminating possible violations and shortcomings;
  • settling disputes and participating in compromise negotiations related to intellectual property and IT agreements;
  • consulting clients regarding e-commerce and online services, including preparation of the terms of use for online services;
  • consulting in matters related to data protection and privacy, including direct marketing requirements;
  • consulting companies operating in the IT and technology sector during acquisition, also providing daily consultation for such companies.


Contact person: partner Kairi Kurisoo (Email Kairi).

Contact person Kairi Kurisoo is a member of the Estonian National Group of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) and the Estonian Bar Association Intellectual Property and IT Law Committee.

Kairi Kurisoo is also the co-author of the handbook “Intellectual property“, published in 2009 in the series “Manager and Law“, as issued by Äripäev. This is a first complete handbook by the Estonian authors where all the important types of intellectual property are addressed.

Selection of works

  • Advising Sterotek Film regarding the documentary „Ott Tänak: The Movie“ about the Estonian world-famous WRC rally sportman Ott Tänak.
  • Advising Viru Keemia Grupp AS in drafting and negotiating the agreements related to the new business software to be taken into use, incl. the development agreements, license agreements, etc.
  • Advising Sterotek Film about the musical documentary “Eesti Muld ja Eesti Ruja”.
  • Advising Sterotek Film regarding the documentary „Ruja – keelatud!“.
  • Consultation of ETK (current business name Coop Eesti Keskühistu) in the conclusion of logic software procurement and implementation agreement.
  • Consultation of one of the biggest commercial establishments in Estonia in the licensing of sales area planning and management software.
  • Consultation of Q-STEP LOGICIEL OÜ in the drafting of the license agreement for air cargo handling software.
  • Consultation of an Estonian film producer in the preparation of the production agreement and agreements related to film production.
  • Preparation of a software development agreement and maintenance agreement for the Estonian leading software provider.
  • Maintaining a portfolio of trademarks registered in Estonia for a foreign food producer and offering daily advice related to trademark agreements.
  • Preparing a draft of a publishing agreement for the Estonian leading publishing house.
  • Developing standard agreements for advertising agencies.

Selection of publications

  • Intellectual property. Kairi Kurisoo as the co-author of the handbook.
  • When establishing a common business, think about the creative work rights. Kairi Kurisoo.
  • Attention – one could be deprived of the trademark that standing without use! Kairi Kurisoo.
  • Relations of the co-authors should be regulated with an agreement. Kairi Kurisoo.
  • Granting the use of a trademark requires s proper licence agreement. Kairi Kurisoo
  • What to do to avoid that the employee would from walking away with his/her copyright? Kairi Kurisoo
  • Remember the copyright when ordering the marketing solutions. Kairi Kurisoo.
  • Works created by the employees and copyright. Kairi Kurisoo
  • Corporate identity as a work protected with copyright. Kairi Kurisoo
  • About the importance of a proper author’s contract when ordering the design of the trademark. Kairi Kurisoo
  • Parallel import: a conflict between the exclusive rights of the trademark owner and a general free trade. Kairi Kurisoo
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