Contract Law

Properly drafted agreements serve a prerequisite for a well-functioning cooperation. Our daily experience shows that adequate and correct agreements ensure the desired objectives, good and smooth cooperation and a decrease in the risk of disputes. The legal assistance we offer that is related to agreements includes an evaluation of the suitable type of the agreement, preparation of the agreement draft as well as participation in the negotiations of the terms and conditions.

We advise and represent clients, among other things, in the following areas:

  • preliminary agreements and letters of intent;
  • sales agreements, distribution agreements and agreements related to international trade;
  • lease agreements, rent agreements and other kinds of usage agreements;
  • cooperation agreements and civil law partnerships;
  • shareholders’ agreements and partnership agreements;
  • employment agreements and service agreements, including board member and supervisory board member agreements;
  • agreements for the supply of services, including a contract for services, agreements for construction services, subcontract agreements, mandate agreements, agency agreements, brokerage agreements, transport agreements, deposit agreements and storage agreements;
  • standard terms of sales and service agreements;
  • e-store terms and conditions;
  • loan agreements, lease agreements and other credit and financing agreements;
  • pledge agreements, surety agreements, guarantee agreements and other security agreements;
  • claim assignment agreements and assumption of liabilities agreements;
  • agreements related to immovable and movable property;
  • agreements related to intellectual property, including author’s agreements, agreements on the transfer of trademark, trademark pledge agreements, licence agreements.

Contact person: partner Kairi Kurisoo (Email Kairi).

Selection of works

In addition to what has been stated on the page of a specific practice area (MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS (M&A), LABOUR LAW, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND IT LAW), we hereby bring out a small selection from our large pool of experiences in drafting contract:

  • Advising rally sport club Crosskart Racing Estonia in the course of establishing the club and preparing the agreements needed for its activities.
  • Everyday counselling of Tomra’s (leading manufacturer of reverse vending machines) Estonian and Lithuanian companies in various contractual relations, including in relations to the retailers, kiosk producers and other partners.
  • Advising Martensi Maja OÜ in regard to real estate development project in the city centre of Pärnu, including advising in relation to the establishment of the company and regulating the relations of shareholders, drafting and negotiating engineering and construction contracts, lease contract with anchor lessee and other lease agreements for the building.
  • Advising Tomra’s (leading manufacturer of reverse vending machines) Estonian and Lithuanian companies in regard to launching the deposit containers system in Lithuania and entering of Tomra group to the Lithuanian market, including drafting and negotiating the cooperation agreement with the Lithuanian deposit system administrator and everyday counselling in regard to fulfilling the named agreement.
  • Councelling EstPak Plastik AS in the course of acquisition of recycled PET sheet extrusion line, including councelling in the procurement procedure, negotiations and conclusion of the procurement agreement.
  • Advising Elbit Systems Ltd, Israel based defence security company listed on NASDAQ, during the procurement procedure and the conclusion of a framework contract with the Estonian Defence Forces (Eesti Kaitsevägi) regarding the supply of mortar bombs.
  • Consultation of Viru Keemia Grupp AS in the preparation of contracts and with contract negotiations (including engineering, procurement and construction contracts for Petroter II and III oil refinery, lime plant, desulphurisation system, ash removal system and gas turbine construction) related to different development projects.
  • Consultation of Sweco Central Eastern Europe in the acquisition of Vealeidja OÜ and consultation in daily corporate matters.
  • Preparation of a lease contract with an anchor tenant during the development of a shopping centre in the city centre of Tallinn. Participation in the negotiations and preparation of the shopping centre’s standard lease contract.
  • Drafting the sales and e-store terms and conditions for different Estonian and foreign-owned trading companies, including clothing, furniture, building materials and vehicle spare parts sellers, and plastic packaging producers.
  • Preparing client agreements and service contracts for different business consulting firms, including accounting services, advertising agencies and agency services.
  • Consulting clients in international sales transactions of aircraft and maritime vessels.
  • Consulting real estate and property management services companies (including PLKV Invest OÜ, Arkaadia Halduse AS, Color Kinnisvara OÜ) in different real estate management and acquisition transactions.
  • Consultation of PT Inveseeringute AS and other management companies of real estate regarding rental agreements and property management documentation.
  • Consultation of MDC Max Daetwyler regarding real-estate development and construction agreements.
  • Consultation of Genius Sports Services Eesti OÜ in the preparation of a lease agreement.

Selection of publications

  • When establishing a joint business, think about the creative work rights. Kairi Kurisoo.
  • How to secure one’s claim against an inveterate debtor? Veiko Viisileht.
  • Relations of the co-authors should be regulated with an agreement. Kairi Kurisoo.
  • Granting the use of a trademark requires a proper licence agreement. Kairi Kurisoo.
  • A sale should be conducted in a manner that it would not later on require an additional payment from the seller. Toomas Tamme.
  • Termination of agreement for services by the contracting entity – what happens to the fee of the contractor? Veiko Viisileht.
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